PVP Legends
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Hello all.

I want to say that we still have a 2 spots open for gm position. If we didn't answer means we are still investigating.(READ MORE)


  1. Removed gear that had aps from this forges "Twilight Forges", "Rising Dawn Forge", "Twilight Armour" and "Lunar Armour"
  2. Canceled the following event:Join the Event On Facebook. and removed the pinned post from Facebook. Due to lack of interest.
  3. Fixed Hdd and Fixed Elysium Bless Box.
  4. Added a promotional buff with when you enter nirvana that ...

Autor: Admin 04/24/2018 13:51:53

Please don't forget that we have a very rewarding event on Facebook event read more here. And that We hire GM's here.


  1. Added a lot of new daily quests at Merchant NPC,
  2. Added A new exchange in Teleport Master.
  3. Made Exchange for Nirvana Silver and Golden Chests (Teleport Master)
  4. Opened up EU and AEU + Primal World Map.
  5. Guild icons and other items you can see in teleport master.

More to come :)

Autor: Admin 04/21/2018 08:44:32

Hi, if you like our work and want to become part of our staff and manage our community please send us a ticket with the following:

  1. A scan that shows you are above 24 years old.
  2. Your In-game character name + alts names.
  3. Tell us why you want to be a gm.
  4. Tell us a time zone and how much hours can you spend on your gm making events.

Thank you.

Patch notes:

  1. Guild Icons Update
  2. A new event "Candy" will run at 2:00AM, 8:00AM, 14:00PM and 20:00PM. ...

Autor: Admin 04/19/2018 15:59:37

This version is for fixes mostly, here is what we did:

  1. Teleport Master now sells Dull Rough Bloodstone Shard.(For the 4s g16 bless box)
  2. Fixed world bosses res. to 1 hour.
  3. Added missing barb tiger form skill books in boutique for 50 gold each.
  4. Added Exchange for r9r3 and back to r9r4 so now you can switch if you like 2 npcs (North District 549 675)
  5. Fixed DQ ranking and pvp system.
  6. Renamed end game forges to something more logic.
  7. Update Guild Icons.
  8. Fixed Title Stone.
  9. Added Basic ...

Autor: Admin 04/16/2018 11:16:45


  1. New Item Super EXP Pack for the lazy people (10 for 1 Gold Credits).
  2. Feral Soul Star in boutique (1000 for 10 Golds).
  3. Added Missing Titles From latest PWI for free when you get in-game and reach level 100.
  4. Revamped Homestead to award ST and Custom Packs.
  5. Added some skill books packs in event boutique.
  6. Tank Battle Event was bugged on the second start so we added it to be daily at 18 server time.
  7. Dipter Awards 500 ST now instead of 200
  8. Hornska Lord 350 ST ...

Autor: Admin 04/13/2018 15:26:56